Magickal Oils & Deities

We all have that time when you know there’s a certain something that would make it all right, or would adjust things in a certain way to be that bit better.
. A subtle feeling of something needing attention or to be harnessed more effectively but hard to put into words.
An archetype…a magickal current, a thing from the subtle realm beneath the senses
Found more easily in pictures than text:

If any one of these images appeals right now it’s pretty obvious what it is you’re yearning to connect with or build on

And those are simply the Elements we can fine tune into the feelings behind the types of experiences we require.

That is the realm of the deities and of magick.


Magick works upon the idea of flavours of feelings permeating the subtlety of life on all levels, expressed as things and events.
Communing with these flavours through every day world elements which correspond to them is the basis of practical magick.
Certain scents trigger deep subcognitive responses of recognition within us, and so oils, perfumes and incense have been used since the time they were first created, to commune with the gods and goddesses themselves.
This was originally the reason they were invented.
This is one of Lady Pendragon’s specialties as a practitioner of the divine arts