Energy Healing

 Energy Healing

& Bespoke Magick

I am not a healer; I am merely a channel. Source energy is the healer; I’m merely a facilitator.

My energetic healing service has been developed over the years off the back of my training in Spiritual Healing. The ‘spiritual’ part refers to the belief that our well-being extends beyond the tangible; that a subtle energetic body overlays our physical vessel and energy flows through us in a network not dissimilar to the body’s circulatory system. Holistic practitioners like myself believe mind, body and spirit work together, and what affects us on the subtle may manifest on the physical.

This core belief has been put into practice throughout countless cultures over the centuries. Spiritual Healing uses a commonly used 7 chakra map borrowed from Eastern philosophy. The practitioner aims to rebalance the subtle body of the client by channelling energy direct from Source, thereby promoting a feeling of overall wellness and vitality.

Energy is not constrained by physical limitations. Distance is no object to competent channelling, as clients as far afield as Australia can testify. If you have a general feeling of sluggishness, restlessness, or any other sign of imbalance which does not have a physical root, then maybe a distance healing session can help. It’s an energetic tune-up which requires you to do nothing other than ensure you’ll be undisturbed for around 30-45 minutes and can comfortably relax.

Immediately prior to the session, I will set up a crystal grid as a physical representation of your own personal, unique chakra system and send you a picture. I will then perform a pendulum check on your chakras to determine energetic condition/blockages, and then proceed to channel Source energy. During the session you may notice some warmth or coolness, and a slight tingling sensation; but clients report these sensations as pleasantly adding to the overall experience of distance healing. It’s not unusual to drift off during the session; and that’s perfectly okay. I will message you when the session is complete, and then email you a written report.

Part of my function as a channel is to park my ego and allow Source to flow. As such, it’s not unknown for me to receive certain messages which might not mean anything to me but may well mean something to you. Any such messages will be included in your report.

My service is designed as an enhancement to personal energetic checks and maintenance practices. If you are interested in an oil to provide ongoing support alongside your existing routines, I designed my Focus Pocus with this role in mind, click here for further details or some shit.



Powerful protection vials on a 20″ waxed lobster clasp cord.

Assembled by Lady Pendragon herself, the protection vials are filled with black witches salt using ashes from her own loose blend purification incense, a lot of elbow grease and a truckload of intent.

The witches salt encases a phrenite or aragonite chip and a mugwort tip harvested from Lady Pendragon’s long established Cotswolds garden mugwort patch, which started as a tiny plant from a Physick garden in Northumbria.

Provenance aside, what makes these pendants really special is something indefinable. Much magick has gone into the making. These aren’t trinkets or costume jewellery. Their charge is protection; but they also serve very well as pendulums. Lady Pendragon’s no nonsense, practical and efficient approach to magick seems to be encapsulated these little powerhouses.

£15 plus p&p.  Small batches assembled regularly; preorder service available if currently out of stock.


Crystals are as individual as we are, 

There are also huge concerns over the ethics of mining, fashion, conspicuous consumption, ignorant handling etc etc.

every crystal you acquire needs cleansing.

You have several methods of cleansing available at your disposal. It’s all in the intent. But two in particular will help you connect the visualisation to the act in order to make it a ritual.

There’s ritual to be found in everything, from taking a few deep breaths in the morning to making a cup of tea. But I digress! The two methods I’m referring to are smoke cleansing and water cleansing. I’ve sent you the video of me cleansing your pendulum over a joss stick. It’s a visual representation of what you will feel as you hold each crystal over the smoke, in a rolling action, allowing to catch the smoke where it goes and sit still occasionally. When it stills, imagine the smoke collecting in the crystal and then releasing upwards, clearing any negativity, which you may visualise as you wish, as dark grey smoke dissipating harmlessly upwards for example, or just feel the negativity leaving the crystal and dissolving harmlessly away, until the crystal feels and seems light and bright again. Have a window open too if you’re not in the open air, that’s the science bit behind all smoke cleansing!

As you do so with each crystal, get a feel for where its energy levels are currently at, how/if they improve during the cleansing and when it tells you it’s had enough. Just see what each one tells you. Allow your mind to be still and see what they communicate to you.


The other method (which you may prefer to start off with, or you may feel is more or less appropriate with each crystal) is simply to hold and handle the crystal under running water, as described above but visualising the water running ‘through’ the crystal and negative energy being rinsed away down the plughole (or wherever you are).

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